Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Dog Comedy: Gary Wilson Tells Comedy About Dogs! – Stand Up Comedy

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I love dog comedy, and the reason why I love dog comedy is because I love dogs. I can’t mess with cat comedy, but something about dogs comedy is just so much better. I know a lot of people love cats, but I’m not one of them. Gary Wilson’s entire bit is dogs comedy, and comedy about dogs. He tells comedy about dogs, but my favorite was the joke about poodles. I think poodles don’t even need jokes about them, because it is just a comedy dog. It reminds me of the clown fish, it’s just funny. Poodles aren’t funny by themselves though, it’s the humans that turn them into a comedy dog. They have afros, and look all 70’s like, until the owners decide to turn them into comedy dogs by cutting their hair. I bet you that poodles are comedy dogs within their own species, all the other dogs must laugh at them…why else are hyenas laughing? That was some dog humor for you guys, I cant actually be 100 percent sure that is dog humor just because I don’t know what a dogs humor really is…but I am just making an assumption. I would love to be able to be Dr. Doolittle just to be able to figure out what a dogs humor is, so then I can tell jokes that would delight them…for more funny comedy, please subscribe to StandUpBits! And increase your daily funny.

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